Neurofunctional / Contemporary Acupuncture

Neurofunctional AcupunctureAcupuncture is the insertion of fine solid needles into the body at defined sites.  These needles can be stimulated by hand, or by electricity for therapeutic purposes.  Contemporary acupuncture is used after a medical diagnosis is made in a conventional way by the therapist and needles are used to affect the physiology of the body to aid in the body healing.  This can be used in conjunction with other modern medical treatments.

The nervous system plays a major role in the body and is involved in pain, motor and functional control.  It is involved in inflammatory responses and hormonal responses.  The idea behind contemporary or neurofunctional acupuncture is to identify the neurological dysfunction in the underlying complaint and thus stimulate the nerves locally, segmentally at the spinal cord and centrally in the brain.  It can be used for many conditions including musculoskeletal complaints or injuries, pain management, infertility, anxiety and many more.

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