Children’s Health

Childrens Health

If you are looking for Limerick Doctors for your children look no further than Roxboro Medical. Here at Roxboro Medical Centre all our doctors have worked as Paediatric doctors during their specialist training to become General Practitioners.

We are delighted to take care of your little ones from birth. We offer routine six week checks and of course are happy to see you and your baby with any concerns you may have.

We are delighted to participate in the under 6’s GP visit scheme provided by the government, which allows for free GP care to all children under 6 when they are sick.

We provide preschool childhood immunisations, the schedule of which is listed below:

Childhood Immunisation Schedule:

Age Vaccination
2 months 6 in 1, PCV, Men B, Rotavirus
4 months 6 in 1, Men B, Rotavirus
6 months 6 in 1, PCV, Men C
12 months MMR, Men B
13 months Hib, Men C, PCV

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