When Do You Need A Doctor’s Note For Work In Ireland?

When Do You Need A Doctor's Note For Work In Ireland

Ultimately, you need a doctor’s note (also known as a sick cert/certificate) when you are medically unfit to work. This can include a physical or mental illness or an injury.  Doctor’s notes state that your GP confirms that not working for a set period will aid your recovery. As we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, staying home when ill can also prevent the spread of infections.

There are three main reasons you need a doctor’s note for work in Ireland:

  • To receive sick leave payments from your employer.
  • When you are contractually obligated.
  • To receive illness or injury benefits.


Doctor’s Notes For Statutory Sick Pay

Prior to 2022 Irish employers were not legally obliged to pay for sick days but could choose to if they wished. The Sick Leave Bill 2022 was approved by the Irish government, giving all employees the right to sick pay.

Under the new legislation, employers must pay sick leave cover up to three days per year. Over four year, the sick pay entitlement will rise to 10 days. To receive this payment you must have a doctor’s note. You must also have been in their employment for a minimum of 13 weeks.


Contractually Obligated Doctor’s Notes

Employers in Ireland can ask an employee who is off work due to illness to supply a doctor’s note. The company’s policy around sick leave should be clearly stated in your contract. Most employers require a medical note after two days of illness. However, to receive sick pay you should supply one from the first day if possible. An employer might also require a sick note for your return to work to confirm you are fit to work.


Doctor’s Notes For Illness or Injury Benefits

If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you might be entitled to Illness or Injury Benefits. These State paid benefits are typically available to anyone with the required amount of PRSI contributions.

Note that GPs are not obliged to give patients sick notes if they do not feel it is necessary.


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