How To Register With A Doctor In Ireland [2024]

how to register with a doctor in Ireland

Are you wondering how to register with a doctor in Ireland?  Registering with a doctor in Ireland is simple. The first step is to find a doctor in a medical clinic that you can travel to with ease. It is advisable to call the clinic in advance and check if they are accepting new patients. As a new patient, you will be required to fill in a form with your personal details, health information and details of your last clinic.

With your permission, your new doctor may wish to request your medical records from your previous medical clinic. Having these records will give your doctor more information for helping you and your family to manage your health.

When you are looking for a doctor, note the clinic opening hours to ensure that they are convenient for you. If you have an existing medical condition, you may wish to check that the GP is familiar with the treatment needed. Services are usually listed on a medical clinic’s website or you may wish to call or email for details.

What Services Does A GP Provide?

 A doctor in Ireland is often referred to as a GP (General Practitioner). A GP can help all members of a family, of any age, with non-emergency illnesses and injuries. Typical services provided by a GP include children’s health, Well Man and Well Woman checkups, family planning and contraception, immunizations and assistance with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma.

Your new GP may also offer additional services such as preventative health services, healthy lifestyles tips and support, sports medicine, and shockwave therapy.

Nearly all doctors work on an appointment only basis. Appointments can generally be made by phone or email. If you need non-emergency medical care outside of clinic hours, your GP will advise on who to contact.

How To Find A GP In Your Area

To find a GP in your area, visit the HSE Find A GP tool here. To use this tool, select the county and town in Ireland where you live and select ‘search’. You will then be provided with a list of all GPs in your area and their contact details.

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