How Do I Change GP In Ireland?

How Do I Change GP In Ireland

Changing GPs in Ireland is a straightforward process. People move to different doctor’s surgeries every day and for various reasons. Some people change GPs when they move to a new area, their GP retires, and even when their family expands.

To change GP in Ireland the first step is to research GP clinics in your area. The HSE has an online service to make this easier, you can view the Find A GP Service here. Simply filter by your county and town to access the contact details, location and names of GP options near you.

Next, contact the GP’s main reception to check if they are accepting new patients. Some GP clinics are restricted to a set patient number due to the availability of staff. If you are moving your whole family to a new GP, be clear about this when you call. If you or a member of your family holds a Medical Card, ask if the clinic accepts them. Alternatively, view the HSE online list of doctors who take part in the medical card scheme. For further advice about the family GP services in your area, contact the Local Health Office.

It is advisable, to also ask if a GP has expertise in any particular area you need when you first call. For example, if a member of your family has a chronic illness, is undergoing treatment or you have an infant. Also, note that some GPs will require an initial consultation when you register for which you may be charged.

Once you have registered with your new GP, they will request your medical records from your last GP. You can also contact your last GP to ask them to forward your records to your new clinic. GPs keep all medical records confidential and it is not possible for patients in Ireland to access their own records. However, patients moving to Ireland from overseas should request their records before travelling.

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