How Much Does It Cost To See A Doctor In Ireland [2024 Guide]

How Much Does It Cost To See A Doctor In Ireland

How much does it cost to see a doctor in Ireland?

This is a common question we hear as prices can vary from county to county and clinic to clinic. Depending on the clinic practice, prices for standard GP visits can range from €45 to €70. Most Limerick doctors charge €50 to €60, which is the country average. 

Fees only apply if you are a private patient. If you have a medical card, then public health services, including doctors visits, are free. A GP Visit card also covers visits to your doctor.

Additional services provided by your Limerick doctor, such as blood tests, scans or pain therapy may incur additional charges.

About Medical Cards and GP Visit Cards

Medical Cards are issued by the HSE when your income is lower below a certain level. For more information or to apply for a medical card, see As well as doctor appointments, some prescriptions are covered on a medical card.

A GP Visit Card is also issued by the HSE. It is available to children under six and adults over 70 without means-testing. All other age groups are means-tested. A GP visit card only covers the cost of your doctor’s visit.

How To Pay For A Doctor In Ireland

 At Roxboro Medical Centre, we accept payment by cash or card (credit/debit card). Our practice policy for all accounts to be settled at the time of consultation before leaving the surgery. You can request a receipt at the time of your payment. Please retain your receipts, as you will need these when claiming back via your tax returns or via your private health insurer. See fees below.

Below is a list of some treatment fees; please contact the surgery for advice if what you are looking for is not listed below.

Service Price
Doctor consultation €60
Doctor consultation and bloods €70
Nurse consultation €30
Bloods Only €30
Drivers license Medical €60
Travel medicine consultation €60
STI Screen €60
Well Man/Woman €150


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