A Guide to Travel Vaccines [Ireland]

travel vaccinations ireland

If you normally live in Ireland, and are going travelling, you should consider whether you need any travel vaccines. For those visiting areas outside of western Europe, north America, and Australia / New Zealand, vaccines may be advisable. Health risks and requirements vary from country to country, so it is always best to seek professional advice – and this is a service we offer at the Roxboro Medical Centre. Here is our guide to travel vaccines for those living in Ireland.

What are travel vaccines and why are they important?

A vaccine is a way of protecting yourself from disease. Vaccines are made up of a very small amount of the disease you want protection from. They will not give you the disease, but when injected, they stimulate your body to be ready to produce antibodies relevant to the disease. This means, if you do get infected, your body is ready to fight back swiftly and efficiently.

In many areas of the world, there are endemic diseases that we do not have here in Ireland. This makes it very important that you get protected through a vaccine in advance of your visit, as your body will have no defence from unknown diseases. So travel vaccines are extremely important because they could save your life!

What are the benefits of getting a travel vaccine?

 As well as the main benefit of protecting your health, and potentially saving your life, travel vaccines are a good idea for many other reasons. If you find yourself ill in a foreign country, it is likely to cost you a lot of money to get the healthcare you will require. The peace of mind that knowing you are protected can give should not be understated. What is more, getting sick far from home would be a very unpleasant experience and would most certainly ruin your trip. So the benefits of getting your travel vaccines sorted are myriad.

What travel vaccines do I need?

Your travel vaccine requirements will vary depending on the details of your trip. Each country has different health conditions, so it is best to talk to a medical professional who will be able to ensure you are properly protected. Some vaccines are compulsory for certain countries, so don’t risk being prevented from travelling by not fulfilling the necessary requirements. You will receive an International Certificate of Vaccination to prove which vaccines you have had.

The pandemic introduced new health complications for travellers. The requirements of entry for different countries change frequently, so you will need to check for travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs to see if having the Digital COVID Certificate is necessary for your destination.

Perhaps the most common diseases, that most travellers will need vaccinations against, are hepatitis A and B, and diarrhoea. Other potential vaccinations could include yellow fever and diphtheria. Your need for some vaccinations will be based on the requirements of your destination and the risk in certain areas, but medical professionals will also take into account your own health and any conditions you may have, when considering which vaccinations you will need.

When should I get my travel vaccines?

Good planning is essential to make sure you are well covered for your trip. Some vaccines take several weeks to become effective, so you should allow at least 8 weeks before your trip to get them sorted. This is especially important if you need to bring children on your travels – they may need more time to get the necessary protection, for example the BCG vaccination against tuberculosis takes three months to become effective. We would advise that you come in for a consultation with our experts as soon as you know you are planning to travel.

Are you looking for travel vaccinations in Limerick?

If you are looking for travel vaccinations in Limerick, come to Roxboro Medical Centre. Our friendly team of medical professionals are here to provide you with all the expert advice you need to travel safely and with confidence. Whether you are travelling to multiple countries or making a short visit to a friend living abroad, we can give you all the information you need to make your trip a success.