8 Reasons to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

A common misconception about Sports Medicine Doctors is that they exclusively help professional athletes. When, in fact, the truth is that they work with non-athletes and amateur athletes too. 

 Sports Medicine Doctors are specialists who work with musculoskeletal conditions. Along with injuries sustained in sport, this can include osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis), along with tendon and muscle injuries. 

 Some of the most common areas in need of the expertise of a Sports Medicine Doctor include the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and back. So, if you are experiencing problems with your joints, back, muscles or are not sure what is causing your pain, a Sports Medicine Doctor may be able to assist. 


Here are 8 reasons to see a Sports Medicine Doctor; 


  • To Help with A New Injury 

 When you experience an acute injury, Sports Medicine Doctors can help diagnose and plan your recovery. Your injury does not have to have been caused by sport or exercise. Sports Medicine Doctors hep with all kinds of accident-related injuries. 


  •  To Help with A Chronic Injury 

 Some injuries, like knee injuries and back problems, can stay with us and need long-term treatment. Your Sports Medicine Doctor will create a treatment plan to help you cope with and recover from the chronic injury. This might include pain management as well as specific exercises. 


  • To Get Relief from Pain 

 With an injury, comes pain. Be it short term or long term. Sports Medicine Doctors can recommend methods of pain management suitable for your injury. These might include: 

 Pain relief injections: Usually injected into a muscle or joint, pain relief injections can help with both pain and inflammation. 

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT): This is a non-invasive pain method applied directly to the tissue of the injured area using a small handheld device. 

Neurofunctional acupuncture: The use of fine needles for pain management and recovery. 


  • For Healthy Lifestyle Management 

 When you are planning to start a new exercise routine, consult with a Sports Medicine Doctor for advice first. A consultation like this can help you prevent injury and to create a plan for a managed introduction of exercise into your life. With expert advice and planning your new healthy lifestyle will reap maximum rewards. 


  • To Perform Better 

 For anyone looking to enhance their performance in their chosen sport, professional or otherwise, a Sports Medicine Doctor can help. By conducting full body assessments, these specialist doctors can pinpoint your areas of strength and weakness. This knowledge helps you understand what areas need more focus for better performance. 


  • For Treatment of Joint or Tendon Inflammation  

 Sports Medicine Doctors are trained to diagnose all types of musculoskeletal conditions, including inflammatory conditions. These includes conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis and osteoarthritis. 


  • To Prevent Injury 

 Sports Medicine Doctors can help you prevent injury when exercising or playing sports. By working closely with your Doctor, you can learn how to exercise safely and receive advice on what exercise suits your needs and abilities. 


  •  To Help with Foot Pain 

 Foot pain is a common complaint inside and outside of professional sport. Getting a proper clinical diagnosis is the first step in treating foot related pain. Your Sports medicine doctor will advise you on the cause of your foot pain and the outline the best treatment strategies. 


Whether you are an avid GAA player or someone who doesn’t like sport, Sports Medicine Doctors can help you recover from and prevent injuries.  

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